Golden retrievers experimenting with test tubes in a lab doing organic chemistry, digital art

What if Dogs did Chemistry?

Authors: Jacob Schwartz and GPT-3

Author's note: The following blog post was written as a collaboration between man and machine. Checkout GPT-3 to try having an AI assist with your writing.

The two golden retrievers, Lulu and Max, lab partners for years, had finally made a breakthrough. By using a serum they had developed, they would be able to extend their lives to that of humans. It was a momentous occasion, not only for them but for the entire animal kingdom. They had worked tirelessly for months, making countless adjustments and tweaks to the formula. But finally, it was complete.

They injected themselves with the serum and waited. At first, nothing happened. They waited and waited but still nothing happened. They began to worry that maybe they hadn't got it right after all. But then, after a few minutes, they started to feel different. They felt their bodies change, their muscles grow stronger, their senses sharpening. They were both elated and terrified at the same time. They didn't know what would happen next but they were eager to find out. As the days went by, they continued to change. They grew taller and their fur became lustrous and thick. Their teeth became sharper and their claws grew longer. They were no longer golden retrievers; they were something new altogether. They had become immortal beings with the power to live forever.

They were so excited about their discovery that they couldn't wait to share it with the world. They immediately went to the media and held a press conference to announce their findings. The media was fascinated by their discovery and bombarded them with questions. Lulu and Max explained that they had found a way to stop the aging process, which would allow people to live forever. They said that they were still testing the method on themselves, but so far it seemed to be working.

They told the reporters that they would release more information as soon as they had gathered more data. In the meantime, they advised everyone to start taking better care of themselves and eating healthy, since this would help them live longer lives.

The news of Lulu and Max's discovery spread quickly around the world and created a lot of excitement. People were eager to find out more about this new method of immortality and started asking when it would be available to them.

Lulu and Max continued to work on perfecting their technique and after many years, they finally released it to the public. People were thrilled with the results and began living much longer lives thanks to Lulu and Max's amazing discovery!