A stressed out college student

How To Manage Your Stress in College

Author: Meghan Long

Being a college student is stressful. I haven’t met a single person who would deny this statement. Trying to do well in courses, make friends, pursue hobbies, and handle any obstacles life throws in can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips from Schwartz Tutoring to help you manage your stress.

Manage Your Time - Time is valuable, especially when you're busy. Try to create a schedule for yourself to ensure you're meeting your goals for each day. Make sure to incorporate time for rest and self-care in that schedule. Remember that being well rested will help your focus and aid you in your studies.

Divide Work into Smaller Chunks - It is easy to get overwhelmed by how much work is assigned each week in college. Try using a planner or a task manager to break up what you need to get done for the week into daily tasks. Doing a little bit each day is much easier and less stress inducing than procrastinating until the last minute.

Prioritize Your Health - If you aren't fueling yourself in the way your body needs it will be much harder to excel in your courses. Make sure you try your best to prioritize getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, fueling your body with healthy foods, and incorporating movement into your day. These habits will help you feel better both physically and mentally.

Make Time for Hobbies and Recreation - I know that extra time can be hard to find as a college student. However, finding time for yourself is so important for avoiding burnout and fatigue. Even if it's just 20-30 minutes try to incorporate time for activities that bring you joy.

Surround Yourself with a Good Support System - Try to surround yourself with positive people. The people around you have a big impact on how you feel. Finding people who are supportive is super important. There will be times when you need moral support from friends.

Put Things into Perspective - Everyone experiences stress. However, that feeling is temporary. Remember the phrase "this too shall pass" when you feel particularly anxious about school. One day you'll look back at yourself and wonder what you were so worried about.