Autopay Information

Last updated August 14th, 2022

What is autopay?

Autopay allows you to automatically pay for sessions you have with us. 48 hours after each tutoring session, your card will be charged for the price of the session, plus any applicable fees.

What are the benefits of autopay?

With autopay enabled, you will never need to worry about remembering to pay for sessions. Additionally, you can book multiple upcoming sessions with autopay enabled. Those sessions will be charged 48 hours after each session is finished. Without autopay, you need to purchase prepaid tutoring to book multiple upcoming sessions.

How will I know I am being charged?

You will receive a receipt for the transaction via email 48 hours after every session you have with us.

What if I have unpaid sessions and I enable autopay?

Any unpaid sessions will be charged to your current payment method within 10 minutes of enabling autopay.

What happens if my payment is declined?

You will receive an email directing you to update your payment method. Starting from when the failed payment occurred, you will have one week to update your payment information. We will periodically attempt to retry the payment throughout the week in the event that the payment was declined due to insufficient funds.

During this week, you will still be enrolled in autopay, but no attempts will be made to charge additional sessions. Note that in accordance with our policy, you will not be able to schedule additional sessions while you have unpaid sessions on your account. These limitations will be lifted on the next successful payment. If the week expires without a successful payment, you and all of your child accounts will be removed from autopay (see Can I disable autopay? for additional details).

How do I enable autopay?

You can enable autopay through your Account Settings page or when paying for sessions.

Can I disable autopay?

You can disable autopay at any time through your Account Settings page. You will be required to manually pay for all sessions in the future after disabling autopay. Please note that in order to avoid accruing several sessions without receiving payment for them, when you disable autopay, you will be removed from all of your upcoming unpaid sessions, with the exception of your next scheduled session. This also applies to any child accounts you have.

I am a parent. If I enable autopay on my account, will my student need to enable autopay as well?

When a parent account has autopay enabled, all child accounts will be covered through the parent's autopay. Both you and your student will not need to do anything to pay for sessions with autopay enabled.